The Daily Grind

Thirteen Monsters........

We got a load of Girl and Chocolate boards in yesterday including the new Where the wild things are graphics from the highly anticipated Spike Jonze movie.

And today we got the first installment of our Vans stock for summer and they are looking great.
Been a long time coming!


Friday is always a good day in store as it is the day to unload boxes of fresh goods. Today was a very good day. We got new boards from Heroin / Landscape / Death / Enjoi / Almost plus a refresh on Death wheels and some new Quickstrike Blazer Premiums that are brighter than bright. Visit the store for more….

And another......

Well, if you were at the goodbye wingding for Phil Shore then you will have had a good time. There were plenty of smiles and laughs, thrills and spills and some mighty fine skateboarding too.
Cheers for making it out if you came along.
Pictured below is another fine local who is moving to Sweden next week. The second tearful goodbye in as many weeks. Cheers Leon for being a sterling part of Birmingham skateboarding and make sure we get an invite to your new abode in the near future….

World of Confusion.....

Ok,Ok,Ok…...Pay attention at the back. The good times goodbye to Phil Shore is going to be taking place this Friday at the ramp and not the following Friday as previously stated. My Bad…..
We are all going to miss this chump so make sure you turn up and get your shred on….oh, and bring beer and your best war face!!!

4 Star tour hits Ideal......

Got a text from Bob at 6pm “Full 4 star team at the ramp. One Hour.”
Due to the washout at Stoke there were a few hours to kill on the way to London, and so we got a visitation.
It’s so sick to see the ramp getting a seeing to by these guys. If you were lucky enough to witness this [it’s happening right now] then prepare to relate the tale for years to come, and if you weren’t, the footage will be on here soon…..I’m off back to the ramp…

Al Weederseiyn pal...!!!

Sad times are afoot. The man like Phil ‘Fo’ Shore is heading home to Canada after spending 3 years in our locale, adding his Canuck charm and sunshine to our lives. Going to sorry to see this fella leave us but to make sure his exit is a good one we are going to hold a little party at the ramp.
Put the 19/6/09 in your diary as an evening of shralp and ‘sodas’ to celebrate our pal Phil and his going to home to Canadia….

Zoo York Premiere!!!!!

Just in the process of securing the Theatre space so we can do a premiere for the new Zoo York DVD release State Of Mind….We will be holding it on Wednesday the 17th of June at 6pm, which coincides with the ramp being open late too. Tickets cost £2 and will be available at the store from Saturday. Hope to see you there for some straight up Gotham shralp…...

This weekend.... would be well worth your while to pay a visit to Stoke Plaza to witness what will be one of the biggest skate events of the year in this country. 4 Star have got [almost] the full team in attendance and that alone is worth the trip.


The First installment of the A3F tour headed out from Ideal today. The boys are headed to Leeds to skate and hook up with Doug and watch Dougs band The Gentlemens Pistols play tonight. Going to be good times…check here for locations and dates.

And, as ever, we have a lot of new gear in stock, including new Slave / Mystery / Zero boards and new release Nike SB Dunk Mids and Zoom Tres. Check the store for details.

Arf terms.........

Stoked to spot our Jack Edwards up on the Motive Skateboards website with a few nice photos to represent what he’s about. Go take a look.

Plus we got a load of new stock in, including a bunch of sick Independent items and the new Blind Video. Take a look at the online store for details.

Today is a day....... be with your friends and appreciate all the good things that you have got. Go skate for Richie and give thanks for the good times.

Ramp it up.

It’s Sunday, It’s quiet, but the ramp is open and getting some use. Dale dropped by and let me know that he posted up a little flick of him skating the facility on Youtube. Take a look here.