The Daily Grind

Poach of the day 2.

It’s a beautiful day in downtown Birmingham…The store has been super busy and folks been dropping through from out of town which is always a pleasure. The dynamic duo from the’grove have been sessioning our bench out in the sun and i managed to take a passable shot of Phil’Fo’Shore..

New Sidewalk.

We just got the new Sidewalk in store. for those of you that don’t have a subscription you should drop in and snag a copy….We’re stoked that the review of LeCam is within and it’s super positive…..Good job!

More Kris.

Just spotted this little Vans UK tour 4 part article on VBS with a little bit of Kris Vile in the mix.


We are open at our usual times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but the store will be shut on Monday.
Go Skate!

Grip n' bolts.

Another day in the store is just another power move for Ideal. Our K.V. got the call while in Guandong in China so he hot footed it straight to Beijing then, on landing at heathrow at 5 a.m., rode the train into New Street and then straight to Ideal for a shred on the ramp and then a quick meeting to discuss terms on joining the very exclusive Ideal Grip and Bolts team. Terms were bashed out and hands shook.
Welcome to the team Kris!

New Gear.

Today we are celebrating the fact that we can finally get our hands on Cliche gear again. We got a bunch of boards, bearings and wheels from our gallic cousins and they are as clean as we remember ‘em. Plus there was a real oddity in the package. We got a Gonz Cliche guest model and it is a weirdo. Comes with a super big nose and tail and a 15 1/4 wheelbase..very strange.
Come take a look at the freak!

For your information.

Spring is finally springing….And it’s not because the daffodils are poppin’ or the lambs a sproingling…..It’s because we are getting all our new gear landing by the caseload.
Today it was Lakai [take a look at the online store for what we got] and on Friday we are taking delivery of a sweet load of Emerica. We got the Hsu, Fat Laced, Leo Mid and three styles of the eversick Francis on their way, plus Fallen should be with us any day soon with new colourways in Chief Mids and the Forte.
And if it’s new clothing that you want to see, well we got Altamont coming too.
Now that’s a proper freshening up for the new season.

Poach of the day.

We present our poach of the Day, Mr Neil ‘attack dog’ Bailey.
Neil was popping a couple out before joining a 3 car convoy out to a sunny afternoon in Wednesfield.
We sincerely hope you are out in the sunshine getting your scratch on.

News from the North

Dave Hare paid us a visit today to hook up a board and skate the ramp…and reminded me about a mail he sent in last week about a construction that Mr Hemming and associates had made. Turns out that it’s a concrete bowled corner on a piece of scrap land near Walsall and it looks well made and a ton of fun.

Sadly it probably only has another week until it is demolished so maybe you should take a look. Contact Dave [] if you need a shred guide, or you can take a look at the very vague g/earth image below and do some detective work… of luck!!


It’s a good day today….Sun is out and the shop is buzzing. Jake sums it up by utilising one of the random benches outside the store. Good form!

We are go...

The new site is now online!
Due to a couple of technical hitches it is currently using the Shopify URL but we will have that fixed and be back on when our web guy gets back from shredding the Alps next week.

Have a click round, buy some things and tell us what you think.

First Post

one two….!
one two….!
onneee ttwwwooooo!


can you hear us?