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Going Down In History

The second part to the latest Baker video release is owned by Tyson and TFunk. If you haven't seen the China Banks ender yet then strap yourself in for an era defining manoeuvre.


International Skate Shop Day

It's an honour to be included in the DLX Sketchy Skate Shop programme for SSD and get Ideal artwork from Todd Francis. We have had the limit of 50 decks made to celebrate the day so if you want to get your hands on one then act fast.

Get Vocal


Bournbrook Rec needs your help.

The recreation ground that the skatepark is situated in has been earmarked for development by local councillors and over the last 10 years they have been working on a concept to build a number dwellings on this valuable green space. The current plan is to partner up with Aldi who want to modernise their store by taking a portion of the existing park and the rest being used for 10 residential units. So we are facing the loss of a vital urban park that has been very well used over the last two years to extend a supermarket and build 10 homes. This is a green space that will be lost to the local community forever when there is no shortage of development land nearby.

There has been little local consultation, especially recently where the use of the park has changed during lockdown so please make your thoughts known here

Keep it reasoned and civil but make sure that the powers that be recognise that the park should stay and be improved upon. 

 Main application here.


Bunny Hop Son!

If you missed the Chocolate Bunny Hop premiere at the Mockingbird cinema then you missed out on the big screen and heightened audio but we have a download link for you so you can see the steez of Carl Aikens, the speed of Vincent Alvarez, the gnar of Stevie Perez, the preciseness of Eric Herrera, the tech of Jesus Fernadez, the beauty of Kenny Anderson and the freshness of Jordan Trahan and James Capps. The video is rad.

bunny hop son




Bournbrook DIY

bournbrook diy

Remember the date.

Wednesday 22nd September 2021.

This is the day that the fences came down on Bournbrook DIY, the day that Birmingham got its newest skateboard facility officially recognised and the first skateboard DIY in the country to be sanctioned by local government. From very humble beginnings to a thriving community project, Bournbrook has changed the landscape in Birmingham and we couldn't be more proud of everyone involved. A big thanks goes out to everyone who pitched in and helped to make it happen with special gratitude to James Hemming.

Without his expertise, energy and enthusiasm this would have remained a dream. 

We miss you James.

Kings Norton Skatepark Petition

Kings Norton skatepark is one of the best used skate facilities in Birmingham and has been providing a safe environment to skateboard and socialise for the last 15+ years. Being so well used, the facility needs some attention and would benefit from extension with the increased use that was seen over summer 2020.

Please lend your voice to support the cause by signing the petition linked below.

Lets work together to make Birmingham skateboarding better.

Sign here.



The Skateboarders Companion

It's been a long five years that we have been without a nationwide skateboard magazine. Filling the gap left by Sidewalk looked impossible as new media was reaching full speed and print was looking almost irrelevant. Why wait for something to happen when you can swipe it up on a device within seconds? Thankfully we have finally got something tangible in the form of The Skateboarders Companion that will showcase UK skateboarding on the shelves of newsagents nationwide and offer 3D documentation to to hold and keep of what goes on in the UK.

First issue has hit the shops, selling out within days. We will always get 20 copies but if you want to guarantee your issue then get a subscription and support the supporters!

Do It Yourself

Things are happening in Selly Oak. Hoping to get stage one of a decent DIY set up over the summer. We have been getting money together via the Fastlands T's for materials and tools [available via the shop when we reopen] but It's going to take some graft so check @bournbrookdiy for details and get involved. All help appreciated.


The new Chocolate Chunk on Chunk series has arrived! We have boards sized from 7.75" through 8.5" the pic to take a look!



The latest Thrasher is in store & online now! Featuring Jack O’Grady, Aaron Goure, Jesse Lindloff, Gage Boyle, Griffin Gass, Jacopo Carozzi, Ish Cepeda, Myles Willard, Breana Geering & more!

Staple Range

Our new JPN Staple range has hit the rails! We have Tee's, Long Sleeves & Hoodies available all with raised printing on high quality garments!

Click any of the images below to take you through to our online store!

Thrasher #475

The latest issue of the Bible has dropped & is in store & online here now!