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The new Andrew Reynolds 480 from New Balance is more than just a colourway. The skate 480 has been elevated and toughened up to take a beating while still looking good. Plus the comfort levels are high so you will be able to skate for longer. Check the slick new edit to launch it featuring Andrew Reynolds, Justin Henry, Ryan Lay, Jordan Trahan, Charlie Birch, and Marcello Campanello. Filmed by Kyle Camarillo.

Watch it here.

480 Reynolds


FP insoles are an upgrade your feet will thank you for. They are soft, comfortable and absorb up to 91% of shock energy allowing you to skate for longer and with less issues. We highly recommend them. Take a look here.


We had a visit from long time pal and collaborator Richard 'French' Sayer as he is holding a small exhibition with our neighbours in conjunction with Home Of Metal. When we first moved to the Custard Factory he posted up and painted a number of murals for us and he has done a couple of graphics since for garments including the brilliant H.O.M. garms here

Recently he has been working on found needlepoint and adding his own graphics. Each and everyone a winner. If you get chance get down to see us in the next 2 weeks to view. If you can't stretch to a painting we have a lot of Dungeon merch in stock, from patches to shorts and hoods here.


Cant' Stop Thinking Bout You

can't stop thinking bout you

A big thanks to everyone that came out on the 19th to enjoy the night. Darren reckons it was a stronger turn out than the year before and he's keen to build on it for next year.

We got to see the second instalment of the Silhouette series which was a banger as well as some deep cuts from Jamies vaults with a rad Jack Edwards part from the early noughts. Lots of local art and photography lined the walls and our pal Wig Worland blessed us with some incredible shots of Midlands skaters taken when he was a regular visitor to Birmingham in late 90s / early 00s. 

Huge thanks to everyone that contributed art and videos and everyone that bought merch so the night could be paid for. If you went, you are a winner, if you didn't get to go then please look out for next year.

'I can't stop thinking 'bout you'

Darren, Rueben and Japhet put on 'Through the eyes of a skater' last year at Centrala, bringing together video, artwork, ephemera and photography to highlight the culture that runs right through the middle of skateboarding. Many folks attended and much fun was had. 

Instalment 2 is happening on Saturday August 19th, building on the success of the first event with more contributors and a packed out evening. 

Note the date and be a part of it.

Krooked "Where To Go" tour

Rad edit from the Krooked tour of the UK last year with a generous sprinkling of Birmingham goodness.

Thanks Alan!

Black Mass

Fastlands has long been a safe haven for skateboarding in the city. When the pickings were good and there were spots a plenty it was always the last resort for a dry skate with no hassles. With the recent skate friendly improvements, extensive resurfacing and continued authority blindspot status Fastlands has become a go to spot.

A number of events have been held there in the past, most notably the No Comply Network jam in 2017 but its got to be said that the Black Mass event this weekend raised all the bars. Slap Ramps added a healthy vertical vector, Heathen Euro-gapped the nine which also has a rail re-situated to make it skateable. Much destruction occurred finishing with the double set as darkness fell. Big shout outs to Marcus Palmer and Will who literally smashed themselves to bits to abate the baying crowd.

If you missed it, you missed out.

Huge thanks to 








Bournbrook edit

Bournbrook doesn't need an introduction round these parts but just in case you are passing through then here's a little background. Bournbrook Rec was a very [wilfully] neglected park in the transient student neighbourhood of Selly Oak. In a city that is underserved in youth spaces and skateparks in particular we were always on the lookout for places to skate. What initially drew our attention to Bournbrook were the brick banks at the bottom but Shaun and Matt spotted an overgrown mini bowling green and set to work clearing it of brambles, litter and paraphernalia. Within days there was a block in the centre and it was started. It didn't take long before thoughts were directed to how to make the space work and thankfully we had concrete craftsman Hem close to hand. Having built skateparks and DIYs he was keen to get involved. We managed to raise money for the initial materials and a crew was formed to take care of the builds. Over the last few years a lot of folks have got involved and lent a hand to make this place what it is now. With much sadness we lost Hem but Bournbrook lives on as his legacy.

Jamie put together this Bournbrook edit together featuring locals, friends and visitors. 



Going Down In History

The second part to the latest Baker video release is owned by Tyson and TFunk. If you haven't seen the China Banks ender yet then strap yourself in for an era defining manoeuvre.


International Skate Shop Day

It's an honour to be included in the DLX Sketchy Skate Shop programme for SSD and get Ideal artwork from Todd Francis. We have had the limit of 50 decks made to celebrate the day so if you want to get your hands on one then act fast.

Get Vocal


Bournbrook Rec needs your help.

The recreation ground that the skatepark is situated in has been earmarked for development by local councillors and over the last 10 years they have been working on a concept to build a number dwellings on this valuable green space. The current plan is to partner up with Aldi who want to modernise their store by taking a portion of the existing park and the rest being used for 10 residential units. So we are facing the loss of a vital urban park that has been very well used over the last two years to extend a supermarket and build 10 homes. This is a green space that will be lost to the local community forever when there is no shortage of development land nearby.

There has been little local consultation, especially recently where the use of the park has changed during lockdown so please make your thoughts known here

Keep it reasoned and civil but make sure that the powers that be recognise that the park should stay and be improved upon. 

 Main application here.


Bunny Hop Son!

If you missed the Chocolate Bunny Hop premiere at the Mockingbird cinema then you missed out on the big screen and heightened audio but we have a download link for you so you can see the steez of Carl Aikens, the speed of Vincent Alvarez, the gnar of Stevie Perez, the preciseness of Eric Herrera, the tech of Jesus Fernadez, the beauty of Kenny Anderson and the freshness of Jordan Trahan and James Capps. The video is rad.

bunny hop son