The Daily Grind

Lakai Flaco

The new Flaco has arrived and Stevie Perez has earned a pro shoe with his name on it. The Flaco is built with style and durability in mind with clean looks, hidden reinforcement and extra comfort. The promo clip to go with the release is sick.


Battle Flags

A nice new series from Chocolate just hit the shelves. Based on nautical pennants flown on warships, the Evan Hecox Battle Flag decks are a signature classic from Chocolates' head of art. Take a look at them here.

A Third Foots Mean Streets

A Third Foot and Dan Crilly have teamed up to put out the Mean Streets series featuring Dans artwork. The graphics are amazing and you know the decks are the best available and will be on our board wall from this weekend. Check the clip here of Henry Fox, Ryan Price, Luke Kindon and Dan Crilly hitting the 'mean streets' of BHX.

Andy Evans Skate Crates

In the mid to late nineties we were lucky enough to have Andy Evans as a resident of Birmingham. While he was here he made Chillin' which we helped put out and captured that era perfectly. Sidewalk have posted up some unseen clips as part of the Skate Crates series.... link through here. And as luck would have it, we happen to have the Andy Evans 'This, That And The Others' box set in stock which has all four of his seminal works including Chillin'...



Polar Premiere

We got ourselves a projector set up and will be showing the new Polar Skate Co film on Sunday 3rd of April at 4pm somewhere near the shop. all welcome.

The Lakai Staple 2016

The Staple is back. One of the original styles from Lakai has been rethought and refined for 2016 and has hit the shelves hot. It's been slimmed down, adapted for vulc construction, made lighter and tougher earning an excellent review from Ripped Laces along the way, this is a shoe that deserves your attention. Check the promo clip from Lakai here.

101 Skateboards

101 Skateboards were part of the World Industries family so in the early nineties were as on point as it was possible to be. Natas Kaupas ran the company, did the art direction for boards, adverts and videos as well as being one of the "professionals" on the team. This art direction was ahead of its time making 101 one of the most iconic brands of all time. At last some of the original graphics are being put out on the original shapes with hand silk screened art with the blessing of the riders and artists involved. 101 goods available at Ideal at the end of March in small quantities so plan ahead if you want one of these beauties. Available here.

101 Skateboards reissue


Nice little clip focusing on A Third Foot, Satta and Lovenskate and their local, grassroots approach to skateboarding and the philosophy behind what they do.


A Skateboard Quiz

Do you know skateboarding? A Skateboard Quiz will test you and any skateboard nerds you know. There are 1300 questions ranging from the early years to present day on all aspects with questions that focus on skateboarders, tricks, brands and videos that have shaped its evolution. The format is similar to S.K.A.T.E. with multiple choice answers and last player in wins.... Check here for more information and here to buy.

Fast Wheel Co Re-Up

Ideal has been stocking fast wheels since the get go. The shapes were the first thing to get our attention, a classic tablet profile always appeals, and then the FSWCo claims on the quality of the urethane sealed the deal. We have sold out a few times now and the wheels are selling on word of mouth. The wheels have proved themselves. A1 quality at a good price. Check them out here.

fast skateboard whees at ideal

Grant Taylor Blazer

We got the new Black Anthracite Blazer Low GT from Nike SB in stock. It's a mix of Blazer/Bruin with a super durable sole, tough suede upper and the Zoom Air insole for comfort. We back GT. Peep it here.

Staying Flared

Maybe you spotted the Jenkem article a few weeks back espousing local skate stores and their connection with grass roots support of skateboarding. Hopefully you read it while nodding your head and dreaming of a rolling utopia where skateboarders have control over the destiny of what we do and where this ride goes. You ultimately have control of what you decide to spend your hard earned money on and this support really counts.

Right now there are a healthy number of hardware brands, namely Polar, Mother [Quasi], F.A., Palace, Scum Co, A3F, Welcome, Heroin and the rest that deserve your time because they do skateboarding right. They represent skateboarding as it really is with no 'vision' to make it a sport or ambitions to take over the world. In Footwear, which is just as vital to skateboarding as the skateboard itself, there are few skater owned and run brands but the two that are at the forefront are Lakai and Emerica. We have been working with these brands for as long as they have existed and their heritage in skateboarding is written large. You cannot question that they run two of the best teams, put out some of the best videos and judging from the current range, now make some of the finest skate shoes available. We are super stoked to have them on our shelves. Support the supporters.