Supersonic 2018

It's almost Supersonic time! Birminghams own world renowned music and art festival is just over a week away and in it's 15th year it shows no sign of slowing down. This year we are playing a small part by hosting some of Dennis McNetts Anti Hero prints as part of his first major project in the UK. He will be Supersonics artist in residence creating a huge participatory performance piece in and around the Custard Factory with the help of musicians and audience members alike which will be taking place on Sunday the 24th. 

Conjurer of the colossal, Dennis doesn’t just exhibit work in galleries, he parades it down the street. Sculpting full scale temples or engineering viking ships inspired by Norse mythology to cruise through New York City. Birthing a 16ft puppet operated by 20 people in elaborate masks with costumed dancers and caterwauling musicians. Whatever the setting, the results are astounding.