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Girl Skull of Fame series

The Girl Skull of Fame series is in store & online now! We've got boards from Simon Bannerot, Rick Howard, Sean Malto, Rick McCrank & Tyler Pacheco in various sizes. Hit the pic below to take you through to our Girl products or come visit the store, they're all here!

Chocolate Modernica Series!

We've had a fresh drop of Chocolate gear land with us including this amazing Modernica series! It includes a Kenny Anderson 8", Stevie Perez 8.25" & Vincent Alvarez 8.5".

Click the pic below for more specs or come through the store - it'd be good to see you!

Antihero x Gnarhunters

The amazing Antihero x Gnarhunters collab is here! We have the Boards - a 9.55" & 8.28", Tees, Long Sleeves, Hooded Sweatshirts & Towels left in stock!

Hit any one of the pics below to take you through to the store.


Lakai Street Safari

Lakai had a deep squad for a visit to some fiery spots in Sao Paulo and finished with a huge vert demo in front of a stadium sized crowd for Tony Hawk and Jimmy Wilkins. Simon Bannerot slays terrain with Griffin Gass, Vincent, Riley and the locals.


Merino Freshness

Winter is here and so are our new merino Stencil logo beanies. Team tested for form, fit and freshness with a 100% pass rate. Keep your head warmer with confidence. More quality Ideal goods on the way with another colab with @lilsaucy.knuckles due next week. Updates to follow.

Beyond Skateboarding At Kings Norton

Shout out to Jason at The No Comply Network for hustling together another fun event, this time at the Kings Norton skatepark in the south of the city. The weather held off just long enough to allow things to happen though there was only a little sun and plenty of breeze. Fun was had and prizes were given. Heres to the next one.

No Comply Network at Kings Norton.


Photo and video: @jonbladesphoto

Beyond Kings Norton

We are getting a few events lined up for the year and the first is the Beyond Skateboarding / No Comply Network jam on the 10th of March at Kings Norton. Its going to be a blast.

Kings Nortno Skatepark Beyond Skateboarding No Comply Network


Das Blokk

It had to be done.

To keep things moving we put our hands in our pockets and commissioned the Ramp Supply Co to build a block that could be left at Eastside. It has an extra cutout so it can be locked up and weather treated for a longer life. Take care of the block and lets see if we can make it through to the summer. 

*If you shoot photos or any clips then use #dasblokk so we can build up a resource and there will be prizes for best efforts.

eastside park block


Girl have released their new video and it is a banger. Focusing on the ams you get to see Griffin Gass and Neils Bennett go in and the rest of the crew feature in this 30 minute feature. No cinematic epic with drones and mega gimbles, this is all solid skateboarding with a few classic Girl skits and touches.

Featuring Sean Malto Andrew Brophy Mike Carroll Rick McCrank Tyler "Manchild" Pacheco Simon Bannerot With Appearances By Cory Kennedy Jeron Wilson Brandon Biebel MikeMo Capaldi.

Black Country Volume 3

The latest video from the venerable Wolftown crew.

"Filmed throughout The Black Country and its surrounding areas, this volume includes skating from: Henry Fox, Alex Ramsell, Kaine Bird, James Denning, Kane Dearn, Henry Matthews, Anthony Ackers, Claire Alleaume, Brad Edwards, Dan Brueton, Shaun Boyle, Christopher Emery, Ali Watson, Sean Baker, Ben Sheldon, Rajinder Sami, Luke Elks, Dan Smith and Kris Vile. Filmed and edited by Christopher Emery. Additional filming by Rajinder Sami. The Black Country is a region of the West Midlands in England, and commonly refers to all or part of the four Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton. The 14-mile road between Wolverhampton and Birmingham was described as "one continuous town" in 1785. The name is believed to come from the soot from the heavy industries that covered the area, although the 30-foot-thick (10 metre) coal seam close to the surface is another possible origin."

Supersonic 2018

It's almost Supersonic time! Birminghams own world renowned music and art festival is just over a week away and in it's 15th year it shows no sign of slowing down. This year we are playing a small part by hosting some of Dennis McNetts Anti Hero prints as part of his first major project in the UK. He will be Supersonics artist in residence creating a huge participatory performance piece in and around the Custard Factory with the help of musicians and audience members alike which will be taking place on Sunday the 24th. 

Conjurer of the colossal, Dennis doesn’t just exhibit work in galleries, he parades it down the street. Sculpting full scale temples or engineering viking ships inspired by Norse mythology to cruise through New York City. Birthing a 16ft puppet operated by 20 people in elaborate masks with costumed dancers and caterwauling musicians. Whatever the setting, the results are astounding. 

This Is Birmingham

The Premiere for the latest This Is Birmingham video went off last weekend. Turnout was amazing and the video did not disappoint. The crew came through with the goods and O.G edited it down to a sharp 15 minutes with no filler. Look for spots you know and plenty you don't with some guest appearances too.