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Hockey 3

Beyond Skateboarding

We owe Jason a huge thanks for hosting the Beyond Skateboarding event on the 14/10/2017. Fastlands got a sessioning like never before and then the party moved on down to Eastside for the finale. Hope you managed to get there and be a part of it. Check all the edits here.

Lucas Puig Palace Pro Model

Fresh Palace boards landing ready for launch next weekend. Be stoked to have Lucas decks on the wall again. 

Henry is a F.O.C.

Been a little while in the works but finally it is written. Henry Fox is getting support from our number one skater owned skate footwear brand Lakai, and to celebrate the Wolftown crew have put his Wulfrunian section up for your delectation. Stoked!

Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher Magazine is for the long run. It's is the mirror on what is going on in skateboarding and a filter for a lot of what we don't need. Now the mainstream has jumped onto the logo T's the gates are kicked open and 'brand' credibility is at stake. Rest assured the masses will move on to another brand and still, Thrasher will be there and so will we. So, if you want to rep Thrasher because you know and you skate or because Rhi Rhi wore it, whatever, we got it.

All Over.

A Third Foot have just put out a new clip featuring Jess Young, Lucas, Andy Young and Dave Pegg hitting rocks, rails, DIY and big stacks. Brand new All Over Series available here now.

Spring Is Coming

The days are getting longer and the sun is on it's way. Stoked to see Jamie, Marcus and Dan hitting Stratford and getting some in the sun. Check here for regular updates from some of the best....


We have had our Welsh pal Stu make a few new beanies for us which is always a great thing as he makes them so well. Varied colours and limited availability so if you see one you like then jump on it before it's gone... Bobbles optional.


Crupiê Multicultural

A brand new wheel co has hit the shelves at Ideal. Crupiê landed 4 down from the get go with a solid team featuring Carlos Riberio, Tiago Lemos, Daniel Espinoza and Javier Sarmiento amongst other heavy hitters. The idea is to offer premium urethane at the best price point, claiming flatspot free wheels at the same price as regular wheels with their own Apex technology. Available right now here. Check the video below for some tech gnar ripping....

Henry Fox Gets Gully

Been stoked on Henry Fox for years after witnessing him skate at the first A Third Foot Guerrilla Jam around 7 years ago. So stoked he has got his First Light on Sidewalk as well as a welcome clip from A3F. Check it out and get stoked.


Get 420

Just getting through the first play of Get 420 in store and safe to say it's one of the best UK skate vids we've seen. It's a full 60 minutes of high quality skating and one of the high points is that the Midlands features pretty hard [as you'd expect] with spots we know well getting the NBD treatment. Kris Vile kicks sets it off and it doesn't let up for a full hour. Massive shout out to Callun who makes it all happen.... 

My Name Is

independent trucks x mark gonzales my name is gonzalesMark Gonzales has been a figurehead for skateboarding for almost 30 years. From the inception of griptape art in the mid 80's to jumping on handrails, skate performance art, skate everything, the new wave of skater owned board companies he has had an influence on Skateboarding. We proud to stock his colab with Independent Trucks which is in stock here.