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Bournbrook Rec needs your help.

The recreation ground that the skatepark is situated in has been earmarked for development by local councillors and over the last 10 years they have been working on a concept to build a number dwellings on this valuable green space. The current plan is to partner up with Aldi who want to modernise their store by taking a portion of the existing park and the rest being used for 10 residential units. So we are facing the loss of a vital urban park that has been very well used over the last two years to extend a supermarket and build 10 homes. This is a green space that will be lost to the local community forever when there is no shortage of development land nearby.

There has been little local consultation, especially recently where the use of the park has changed during lockdown so please make your thoughts known here

Keep it reasoned and civil but make sure that the powers that be recognise that the park should stay and be improved upon. 

 Main application here.