Cant' Stop Thinking Bout You

can't stop thinking bout you

A big thanks to everyone that came out on the 19th to enjoy the night. Darren reckons it was a stronger turn out than the year before and he's keen to build on it for next year.

We got to see the second instalment of the Silhouette series which was a banger as well as some deep cuts from Jamies vaults with a rad Jack Edwards part from the early noughts. Lots of local art and photography lined the walls and our pal Wig Worland blessed us with some incredible shots of Midlands skaters taken when he was a regular visitor to Birmingham in late 90s / early 00s. 

Huge thanks to everyone that contributed art and videos and everyone that bought merch so the night could be paid for. If you went, you are a winner, if you didn't get to go then please look out for next year.