Black Mass

Fastlands has long been a safe haven for skateboarding in the city. When the pickings were good and there were spots a plenty it was always the last resort for a dry skate with no hassles. With the recent skate friendly improvements, extensive resurfacing and continued authority blindspot status Fastlands has become a go to spot.

A number of events have been held there in the past, most notably the No Comply Network jam in 2017 but its got to be said that the Black Mass event this weekend raised all the bars. Slap Ramps added a healthy vertical vector, Heathen Euro-gapped the nine which also has a rail re-situated to make it skateable. Much destruction occurred finishing with the double set as darkness fell. Big shout outs to Marcus Palmer and Will who literally smashed themselves to bits to abate the baying crowd.

If you missed it, you missed out.

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