The Daily Grind

Ridin' dirty......

Got back to the store today to find new things afoot. Number one was Bob test driving his new chariot around the factory with ‘dark lords’ in tow. At high speed.. He almost managed to roll the thing….
The other piece of news is more fresh Emerica skate shoes landing for ‘summer’.

Also, a big congratulations to Paul ‘Oldie’ Houldie, longtime friend to Ideal on the arrival of his son…[good job Emma]!

Guerilla jam glory shot......

It has been a few days since the event…..and as i couldn’t make it myself i was going to leave it to A3F and Gnargore to post results/video. But then T Bear rolls by the store with his digi and shows me his angle on the afternoon amongst the ruins. And it turns out that he captured a few gems, the one below of Dave Pegg poppin’ the cork being one of them. Take a look here and here for the video plus a little more.
Safe to say, the day was a great success. The weather held, Joel and Ken got some extra ‘terrain’ together and those that attended shredded.

Our Geoffrey is coming to town.

Just had confirmation that Ideal will be hosting a Volcom Stone-age event at the shop / ramp on Saturday 22nd of August. Geoff Rowley will be in attendance screen printing T’s, hopefully getting a skate on and not eating any of the BBQ snags on offer. There will be free Volcom stuff being given away so if you want some of that free Volcom stuff then you better form an orderly queue…behind Tom ‘Gnargore’ Gillespie. He IS ‘free’ gear….

And, regarding the Guerilla jam on Sunday, keep checking on the Met page here. Summat will happen whatever occurs but be prepared…..

So the suns out......

The sun is shining and no doubt you’ve been skating outside today for the first time in a while. Here’s a question, were you squinting? Do you need some new sunnies? Well, we got some free Emerica ones. Buy a new pair of Emerica sneaks from us and we will give you a pair of Emerica ‘Jazzman?’ wayfarer alikes sunglasses free of charge. Looking good for the rest of the summer….Bonus!

Plus, it ain’t posted up on epiclylaterd yet but the new episode of Beauty And The Beast behind the tour is up Here.

Rain don't stop play.........

The precipitation just doesn’t stop. To counter this we have got some new gear in. Check the site for new Emerica clothing and a fresh drop of Altamont too. And the ramp is as good a shelter as you’ll get right now…..Fingers crossed for Sunday.

New Product.

Lot’s of new wood in store for the coming week.
We got a bunch of brand new Girl and Chocolate boards, some new Plan B, The Harmony and some new Bummer High boards too.
And on the clothing front, we also got some new Diamond Supply Co T’s in. Got a selection of them listed here, though there are more available in store.

Plus, It appears that you will be able to get to the store tomorrow as the festival doesn’t take over the site until 4pm. So don’t hesitate, get down here and shred…

This Weekend.........

For your information, the custard factory will be closed to the general public this weekend as the whole site is being used for Capsules excellent Supersonic festival. This means that if you are not attending the festival then you will not be able to get to the store or the ramp…..Thus if your are planning to get hold of anything or get your skate on at the ramp then you’d better pay us a visit on Friday….
Normal business will be resumed on Monday the 27th.

Guerilla Jam.

A Third Foot are doing it again. Set your mental calender for August 2nd and be ready for some raw street action once again. Defying the authorities the A3F boys are organising an event at the demo spot with the addition of some obstacles and prizes and some out of town talent. It’s going to be a good one. Keep your eyes on developments here.

Paul Clenton.

Just logged onto our webpage and noticed a little spike in activity from Taiwan. Then i spotted that some of yesterdays searches were quite specific. The searches were for Paul Clenton. It can only mean one thing. Biffa is scanning the horizon like the great fiery eye of mordor…Looking for evidence of a previous life….well here you go Paul, One from the archives……From Brum with love.

Miss you……!

Playing for both sides.......

Prospective pirate in training Tom Carr paid the store a visit today to hook up a new board and shoes……It wasn’t until Vaughan pointed out what he had done that we realised once again that Carr is indeed a genius/idiot savant….

Thirteen Monsters........

We got a load of Girl and Chocolate boards in yesterday including the new Where the wild things are graphics from the highly anticipated Spike Jonze movie.

And today we got the first installment of our Vans stock for summer and they are looking great.
Been a long time coming!


Friday is always a good day in store as it is the day to unload boxes of fresh goods. Today was a very good day. We got new boards from Heroin / Landscape / Death / Enjoi / Almost plus a refresh on Death wheels and some new Quickstrike Blazer Premiums that are brighter than bright. Visit the store for more….