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Finally, the much anticipated Palace has landed. Check what we got here.

Switch heel, Switch heel, Switch heel......

Got a load of new lumber, urethane and trucks in store today..Plus we finally got ourselves copies of Heel Toe Magic. Stoked…..


To celebrate the anniversary of the Amos Plaza in Wednesfield the Gnargore crew are holding the Battle Of The Black Country on Saturday the 17th of October. Check the flyer for directions if you haven’t been to Pulmans favourite skatepark in the UK or the thread on the sidewalk forum here for further details. Promises to be a good time so make the effort why don’t you?

Mo' Adidas.....

The Diagonal Campus Vulc Mid has just landed at the store.
The colourway was put together by Matt Irving of Delphi to mark the release of the Adidas euro flick Diagonal.
Only 1000 pairs were made too….Rare sneaks.

  • Plus we been promised Palace product for the end of the week. Keep ’em peeled.


Have you heard of Palace skateboards yet?

We are getting our hands on the first batch of product next week of what is the most gulliest prospect in British skateboarding for a loooong time.

Best look it up trim-trim-trimothy.

Covers baby, covers...

Stoked on this…..Sidewalk 156 comes with one of the hottest covers for some time. Mark Gonzales stretching out a frontside ollie the only way he knows how. And it’s on our ramp….

Pass it on.

So, here’s a date for your diary…
A copy of Heel Toe Magic is winging its’ way to Ideal from the hard drive of Andy Evans as you read this.
We are going to be showing his latest skateboarding epic on Saturday at 5.30 in the Cinema at the Custard Factory.
Only £2 on the door so don’t be late….

Heel Toe Magic.....

Just been in touch with Andrew Evans.
We are working on a Birmingham premiere of his new DVD Heel Toe Magic at the cinema space here at the Custard Factory.
Keep checking the Ideal Blog for dates and times….
And just in case you haven’t seen the trailer, check it here.

Update….Just spotted this on little Tommy Gnargores webblogsite….Kris Vile doing what K.V’s do best….looking forward to that Cruz DVD for a full section…swan centre massive!


Adidas skateboarding has landed at Ideal.
We got the Slap pals Campus vulc mid and gazelle skate in stock with more to come next week.

DC X SE 700c Ripper.........

Got a phone call late yesterday regarding the much anticipated SE Bikes 700c PK Ripper fixed bike. They have landed at the distributors warehouse. This means that we will be taking delivery on them next week. We are getting two in 54 and two in 56. We have not taken any reservations on these so it is a case of first come, first served. And as there are only 75 in the country, if you want one then you’d better jump on it double quick…Give the store a call for more info.

And other stock news, we got some new Lakai and a fresh drop of Nike SB.

What we got.

Saturday was a great day. Too bad if you couldn’t make it, but as meagre consolation you can see some photos that Kev Parrot posted up on the Sidewalk site here. We also got Geoff to sign a few of his pro models. These are in our online store so take a look….you could skate ‘em or hang ’em on your wall…It’s up to you.

And, as an aside which has got nothing to do with anything, i was looking around the webanet while sipping coffee this morning and spotted this gallery of Enjoi ads. Dead good….Rocco would be proud.

Geoff Rowley day.....

It’s just about the end of the day and it’s been sick. Thanks a lot if you came out and got in on it. The best turn out on the tour according to mr K.Parrot. There were plenty of T-Shirts given away plus a free BBQ and bangers galore. Raemers only set light to the one T shirt, the ramp got shredded and the sun was out. Siiiiiiiick…Cheers guys!