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The Lakai Staple 2016

The Staple is back. One of the original styles from Lakai has been rethought and refined for 2016 and has hit the shelves hot. It's been slimmed down, adapted for vulc construction, made lighter and tougher earning an excellent review from Ripped Laces along the way, this is a shoe that deserves your attention. Check the promo clip from Lakai here.

Lakai Eurollin

Lakai Ramp Jam

Another date for your diary!

The Lakai team are coming down for a Ramp Jam & BBQ on Friday 12th September from 5pm.

Lots of Lakai

Crailtap always come through with the raddest adverts for their brands. This new one for MJ's new Lakai show is no exception.
We've got lots of Lakai for you to choose from.