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Lots of Lakai

Crailtap always come through with the raddest adverts for their brands. This new one for MJ's new Lakai show is no exception.
We've got lots of Lakai for you to choose from. 

Cirencester Day Release

Cirencester has a brand new concrete skatepark that the Bad Company boys took full advantage of.

Props to Gaz from Decimal for the hard eight year slog to get this place built - well done mate, it was all worth it!

Filmed and edited by Rob Whiston, check out the video below.
Also, keep an eye on the blog for an upcoming interview with Rob regarding his Bad Company video project.



We have a batch of bright stickers for the cold days ahead. Come visit the store and pick some up. 


Quality Skateboards.

Just got some more Ideal T's in stock with a little change up with the colourway and they are selling right out the box they arrived in...