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Helas Guccit Spring 14

Lucas Puig is synonymous with French style and Helas as a brand reflects his taste and esthetic. The new Guccit range is Helas business as usual with the focus on quality headware with an unmatched finish. Supported by some of the best names in the game, if you like a fresh cap then check the range here and the lookbook here.

Fat Stacks Are We.

Got a lot of new wood in store today, mostly Cliche, as we can't keep that brand on the shelves for long, accompanied by some classic Enjoi Panda decks.



As some of our Facebook pals may already know, the Cliche team are visiting Ideal in April. The date is Sunday the 17th of April and the expected kick off is now a more reasonable 1pm, leaving more time to session, hang out, enjoy a beverage and maybe even a bbq. Set this date in your diary as we are going to make it a proper good time.