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The premier disc has been on repeat in store for a week now and isn't getting taken off play anytime soon. Anyone who has seen Damn! has been caught and held until it gets to the credits as each section is killer. We finally got our copies of the DVD for sale and they are running out the store double fast. Check with the store asap to get yours.

Mega Upload.

The image below is just a selection of decks we have in stock. Today it was the turn of Enjoi, Blind and Cliche to roll in and we got some good stuff such as the proven tough Cliche Keystones plus the new range of Blind pro models at a new low pricepoint. We also got some Darkstar logo boards including the 'Gamechanger' which has a carbon top sheet insert and retails at a measly £45. And if you need to freshen up your wardobe we also got a nice selection of KR3W instore and online soon. On top of all this busyness the latest issue of Sidewalk arrived [free sharpie included] as well as the new Grey magazine. Busy!

This Is Not A Test.

We will be getting copies of the new Blind Ams DVD This Is Not A Test tomorrow. It's a quick hit of some amazing skateboarding with some standout sections [Kevin Romar / Sewa Kroetkov]. Selling at £5 it is a bargain, and we also have some tidy Blind stickers to give away with each purchase too.



Limitedition have been getting some attention for their latest T with notable fans such as Natas getting in touch and picking one up. We will be getting our hands on them today, in limited amounts of course. If you want one then you best be quick.


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