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Adidas New Stripes

Adidas introduces 3 new Am's to the team.


Some Adidas Skate soft goods landed today. We got the Trefoil zip hoods and a couple of the T's, all of which are looking dead good and selling right out of the box. Alongside the Adi was another of the big brands showed up with the goods and we got got our paws on the Nike SB P Rod 5 in black and red. Again, they are looking tight and are super light to boot.

Los Campeones!

Big ups to Dave Pegg and Kris Vile for winning the Adidas Obstacle contest this weekend. Representing Ideal the boys went head to head with 16 other stores and when the dust settled after a long day the lads came away victorious and £1000 richer. Thanks a lot for doing us proud.