Staying Flared

Maybe you spotted the Jenkem article a few weeks back espousing local skate stores and their connection with grass roots support of skateboarding. Hopefully you read it while nodding your head and dreaming of a rolling utopia where skateboarders have control over the destiny of what we do and where this ride goes. You ultimately have control of what you decide to spend your hard earned money on and this support really counts.

Right now there are a healthy number of hardware brands, namely Polar, Mother [Quasi], F.A., Palace, Scum Co, A3F, Welcome, Heroin and the rest that deserve your time because they do skateboarding right. They represent skateboarding as it really is with no 'vision' to make it a sport or ambitions to take over the world. In Footwear, which is just as vital to skateboarding as the skateboard itself, there are few skater owned and run brands but the two that are at the forefront are Lakai and Emerica. We have been working with these brands for as long as they have existed and their heritage in skateboarding is written large. You cannot question that they run two of the best teams, put out some of the best videos and judging from the current range, now make some of the finest skate shoes available. We are super stoked to have them on our shelves. Support the supporters.