Nass Hype with the boys

We caught up with Luke McManus, Jamie Hewitt and Ryan Price to get a brief run down of what life was like in the "Athletes" Area at this years' Nass Festival.

So how was the skatepark area?
Luke: It was decent. It had no flow to it whatsoever which made it kinda fun and difficult to skate though.
Ryan: The park was fun, got a bowl corner and massive jump boxes, love it.
Did you get through?
Hewitt: Luke qualified in 9th, Ryan in 18th and someone robbed my board right before my heat so I didn't make it. Oh well NASS HYPE!
How were the camp vibes?
Ryan: The camping was fun. Everyone in a big circle of tents, a massive beer staff with a flag on the top right in the middle of us and everyone terrorising Luke - Rooney wrecked his tent and Jed switched his trucks the wrong way round. Everyone put food on his tent so the seagulls would attack it - it was so funny!
Luke, rumor has it you got a Supreme tent off Wavey Garmz?
Luke: Luckily not as my actual tent got flattened by Rooney from Endemic the little shit and covered in rubbish.
Any funny stories you can repeat?!
All: Yeah there's a few that can't be repeated
How bad were your hang overs?
Luke: I felt pretty fresh every morning - just my body wouldn't do what my brain told it too.
Hewitt: I had a two day Nass come down. Bit peak lollol sk8 hype .
Ryan: The worst ever! Skated the semi finals with no sleep and still tripping haha.
What was the most mosher thing you did?
Luke: There was nothing mosher about our weekend.
Hewitt: Probably everything im just a mosher 
Did you get out of the athletes area and see any music acts?
Luke: Yeah we saw Cypress Hill, Wilkinson, Boregore and a few others. They were all sick
Ryan: I think I was in the drum and bass warehouse more than I skated. Cypress Hill killed it!
Who was the best skater over the weekend?
Luke: KV and Ross McGouran killed it. 
What was the best thing that happened all weekend?
Hewitt: Tearing up the rave with the Ideal boys and just being at Nass.