"Skating in the city IS skateboarding": Rob Whiston Interview

Rob looks happy with his angles whilst filming in Coventry. Photo: Peon


Hey Rob, how's it going mate?

Just swell thanks. I'm currently sitting in the garden doing some video editing and playing with the cats. Heaven.


So what's all this about a new video then? Why Bad Company and what's the idea behind it?

It just felt like the time was right to put a project together to be honest.

The name was something I was struggling with, as I didn't want anything pretentious, or irrelevant to skateboarding.
It had to say something about who we are or at least what we are doing.
Bad Company felt very fitting for us lot, especially to the outsiders perspective I should say.

The original style/idea behind the video derives from 80's films like 'Video Drome' and 'The Warriors'.
The music and poster artwork in those type of flicks are awesome. My friend Luke Thompson put together all the graphics for the film.
But now Bad Company has kinda taken on a life of it's own, like any good project should and looking forward to seeing where it goes.


Who are the stars of the show?

Four of my favourites. Adrian Jobson, James Jones a.k.a Nuge, J-Rock, Jellington, MallRat, Tom Gillespie and Ryan Price.
Oh and a friends montage filled with other cool dudes.


How did you end up filming with with these guys? They're all form different areas of the Midlands right?

It has all happened organically, from skating to hanging out to filming. I just got to a point when I realised
these dudes were starting to stack a bit more footage then everyone else, plus they have different styles;
Aid is a tech guy that also likes handrails and stairs. Nuge just wants to jump off the biggest thing he can find.
Tom loves carving up the streets and cutting down what gets in his path and Ryan goes hard at whatever you point him at,
especially if it's got transition.


We've noticed the large amount of media equipment have on your person.
What do you carry with you on a filming mission?

It all depends on the spot and what the skater has in mind. I try to get as much notice as possible on what we're planning
to shoot so that I can plan it all out before the day. comes That way I know what equipment I will need have an idea in my
mind how I want to shoot it all. But on an average day I'll have 1 to 3 HD cameras, along with 1-2 tripods, external microphone,
camera light and as many batteries I have room for.


Does it ever get difficult whilst filming with all that stuff in the city?

Fuck yeah!! But I love it at the same time, skating in the city is skateboarding. Plus the guys I film are always super nice
and offer to help out carrying stuff or helping film second angles when it's needed.


Any crazy/funny security/random happenings whilst on road?

Too many to mention, but I filmed it all so you will have to wait for the video to see it haha!

Busts aren't as fun now we're a little older though. Security don't tend to want to mess with a group of skateboards
who are in their mid-late 20's as much as younger kids! I do miss the thrill of the chase legging it out of schools away
from caretakers armed with only a broom and their broken police dreams.


When's the video due? We need to book the cinema for the premiere!

We're looking at the end of August for a release date and then early September for hard copies to be available.
We really want everyone who skates to be there!! Most importantly, the after party is being arranged now.
Hopefully Nuge and Ryan don't get all fighty this time haha.


Sounds like things are going well.. After this project, do you have any plans for a sequel?

Let's just get this outta the way with first. I am currently filming a couple other projects which are in the making.
One which lands around the same time as Bad Company - a George Rea's section to accompany
his recent First Light interview in Sidewalk.
Going to BCN to get his last bits later this month. I can't wait for that!


I'll let you get back to playing with your cats in the garden! Any last words?

Thankyou! Just that we will be releasing a teaser every few weeks from now to give people a feel for the vid and the guys
who are in it. I'm really looking forward to finishing up the Bad Company video which has been awesome so far.

Thanks for the interest in the project and me. I hope everyone can make the premiere and enjoys the video.

Ideal rocks! XxX