No Beer on a Dead Planet

Red Fez No Beer On A Dead Planet


  • No Beer on a Dead Planet chronicles Jono Coote's travels through the skateparks, hinterlands, industrial wastelands and suburban sprawls of modern day Australia and New Zealand.

    Set against a chaotic background of skateboarding's mainstream acceptance, looming Olympic inclusion, climate change, institutional racism, the decline of Western civilisation and religiously observant dogs, it attempts to capture a sense of why skateboarders are traditionally such a nomadic tribe and how that affects our experiences of travel. From the drunken excesses of Brisbane skate- house parties to the spiritual epiphanies offered by Milford Sound, and from Instagram-obsessed skatepark mums in Melbourne to bigoted ex-cops in Newcastle, this is Antipodean life seen through a lens of skateboarding culture at a crucial point of change for both Australasia and for skateboarding's culture itself.

    ISBN: 978-1-8383421-0-4

    Paperback, 120 pages with chapter head illustrations by Lewis Brownlie.

    10% of profits will be donated to The Ben Raemers Foundation.

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