Candy Bar Rail Welcome Skateboards

Skate Accessories | 14.5" long - £9.95

  • Welcome Candy Bar Rail.
  • Sold individually, not in pairs. 
  • Only 4 holes as opposed to 5, with high-bite screws that make for very easy installation without a drill.
  • Custom asymmetrical shape and size.
  • Made for modern concaves.
  • Shape creates better grip for grabs, and height of rail allows for them to be placed further out towards the rail, instead of towards the middle of the board. 
  • Vertical groove reduces weight without compromising strength. 
  • Super high-molecular-density extruded plastic.
  • Each rail comes pre-taped with a double-sided foam tape for better adhesion to the board and also absorbs any rattle sound which might otherwise occur. 
  • Made by hand in the U.S.

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Welcome Candy Bar Rail